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Emily meets Caroline!

An RSPB member becomes the first to own one of the limited edition bronze maquettes of the Emily Williamson Statue.

Caroline Baldwin decided to buy the miniature when she saw it on display at The Parsonage in Didsbury, South Manchester.

“It’s even more beautiful that when I first saw it! I was charmed by the idea of owning one of this limited edition.

I have just reluctantly brought 'Emily' indoors. In the sunlight she is really breathtakingly beautiful, a real work of art and of course one can walk around her and admire the details.

It will also be a complete surprise for my children and grandchildren when they visit. I’m really looking forward to them being able to touch the design and spot all the different features.”

Caroline funded the purchase from a legacy left to her by her aunt.

“She first brought me to Fletcher Moss Park in 1961 and I think she would be delighted that this is helping the campaign”

Sculptor Eve Shepherd secured the commission to create the statue after 12,000 people had voted for their favourite design.

The limited edition of twenty five maquettes are now on general sale. For more details please contact the campaign at

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