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KS2/3 Activities

Emily's message is simple:

one voice can make a difference. 

Bring this inspiring story of early eco activism to life in the classroom or at home with our educational (and fun) activity sheets.

Just click on each page to download. 

Learn more about Emily's battle against the plumage trade with our POWERPOINT slide show

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Learn about the cruel Victorian plumage trade and the feather-mad millinery industry. How did Emily call out the fashionistas of the day? Create your own piece of 'bad bird hat' propaganda, the more outrageous the better. Research the 'feather fad' before you begin: which bird species needed most protection then? 

What does the RSPB Red, Amber and Green list mean for birds today?

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Emily was furious about birds being used as fashion accessories: this was a 'single issue campaign'. Think about the one thing you'd like to change today to help the environment, and create a campaign poster, complete with a slogan.

Eco campaign ideas

The Art of Protest: poster tips

Maquette Fiinalists Poster.jpg
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Check out the shortlisted Emily Williamson maquettes and find out more about each entry on our website. What sort of statue would you design? Create your own version of this bird-loving eco heroine.

Two short films to help:

Who was Emily Williamson – and what's this statue competition all about?

How does a bronze statue get made?

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